SYMPTOMS that may result from a concussion that MAY APPEAR AFTER the injury or within hours of days of injury:

  • Nausea
  • Poor Concentration
  • Amnesia, fatigue, sensitivity to light or noise
  • Irritability, poor appetite, decreased memory, poor balance or slowed reaction time.


If a Participant is UNCONSCIOUS:

  • DO NOT MOVE, make sure that neck and back are immobilized
  • Call 911
  • If applicable contact the child/youth’s parent or guardian to inform them
  • Stay with individual until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrive
  • Monitor/document physical, emotional, cognitive changes



  • Continue to ensure neck and back are immobilized until EMS arrive.
  • If there is convincing evidence that there are no spinal injuries, make Participant comfortable and continue talking to them with ongoing assessment of their condition until EMS arrive.


If a Participant is CONSCIOUS:

  • Remove the participant from the activity once they have their bearings
  • Notify participants parent (if a minor) or someone close to participant
  • Have a ride home for the participant arranged
  • Isolate participant in a dark room or area
  • Reduce external stimulus (noise)
  • Remain with participant until he or she can be taken home
  • Monitor/document physical, emotional, cognitive changes
  • Encourage consultation of a physician


Once the injured participant is attended to, an Incident Report (available in the 2nd drawer of the file cabinet) must be filed with the Thessalon Curling Club within 48 hours.






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