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We are now set up to accept Debit Card and VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS at the club! Please note it isn't available for payment online but come into the club and make your payment the way you prefer.

Catch The Ace Winners

Here are the weekly winners of the Catch The Ace draws at Thessalon Curling Club!

  • July 5th New draw started winner won $89.00 Ticket#00032 - Nancy Rankin.  Queen of Hearts.Envelope#12
  • July 12th winner won$71.00 Ticket#00130 - William Turner. 9 of Hearts.Envelope#15
  • July 19th winner won $141.00 Ticket #240 - Joanne Prestedge. 8 of Diamonds.Envelope#26
  • July 26th winner won $111.00 Ticket #386 - Barb Scheuermann. Ace of Diamonds.Envelope#32
  • August 2nd winner won $128.00 Ticket #524 - Nancy Rankin. 6 of  Hearts.Envelope#37
  • August 9th winner won $491.20 Ticket #923 - Shelley Miller. 3 of Diamonds.Envelope#17
  • August 16th winner won $222.00 Ticket # 1398 - Charles Hernden. 7 of Clubs. Envelope#6
  • August 23rd winner won $252.00 Ticket #1435 - Jay Buchanan. 4 of Hearts. Envelope #3
  • August 30th winner won $319.00 Ticket #1831 - Stacey Smith. Queen of Spades Envelope#18
  • Sept 6th winner won $356.00. Ticket#2133 - Gerry & Brenda Bigras. Queen of Clubs Envelope#25
  • Sept 13th winner won $449.00 Ticket#2950 - Charles Hernden. 2 of Hearts Envelope#27
  • Sept 20th winner won $506.00 Ticket #3095 - Sharon Prue. 4 of Diamonds. Envelope#19
  • Sept 27th winner won $554.00 Ticket #3644 - Ashely Auger. Jack of Clubs. Envelope#23
  • Oct 4th winner won $607.00. Ticket#4456 - Mary Jane Bennett. 5 of Diamonds. Envelope#46
  • Oct 11th winner won $698.00. Ticket#5218 - Gaston Lamoureux. 4 of Clubs. Envelope#31
  • Oct 18th winner won $873.00. Ticket#6636 - Candace Withers. 6 of Diamonds. Envelope#16
  • Oct 25th winner won $916.00. Ticket#7305 - Bob King. 8 of Clubs. Envelope#40
  • Nov 1st winner won $1,215.00. Ticket#8853 - Janet Tessier. King of Diamonds. Envelope#10
  • Nov 8th winner won $1,448.00. Ticket#9605 - Stewart Popadivk. 7 of Diamonds. Envelope#9
  • Nov 15th winner won $1400.00. Ticket#12361 - Shannon Blouin. Jack of Diamonds. Envelope#4
  • Nov 22nd winner won $1642.00. Ticket#13748 - Patsy Wardell. 8 of Spades. Envelope#50
  • Nov 29th winner won $1621.00. Ticket#16478 - Stephane Roy. 9 of Diamonds. Envelope#7
  • Dec 6th winner 20% won $2,454.00 Ticket #19141 - Leeanne Dow. 10 of Diamonds. Envelope#13
  • Dec 6th Grand prize winner won $24,844.80. Ticket #18837 - Wm Turner. ACE OF SPADES. Envelope#42


Final Draw to the Button Winners!

All of this year's draw to the button winners were invited back for the grand prize draw to the button on April 1, 2016. Prizes were awarded to the 3 closest rocks to the pin: 1st Prize-$150, 2nd Prize-$100, and 3rd Prize-$50, provided by the Northern Credit Union delegates.

1st Place winner
1st Place - Sandy Seabrook
2nd Place winner
2nd Place - Brodie Anderson
3rd Place winner
3rd Place - Rick Coventry

March Draw to the Button Winners

Here are the winners of the draw to the button contest held at wing night on February 5, 2016!  Each winner received a certificate for a free wing night and will be invited back to play for the grand prize in April!

sheet A winner
Sheet A - Katie Hernden
sheet B winner
Sheet B - Susan Brisson
sheet C winner
Sheet C - Nadia Anderson

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